Human Resources

We offer HR Administration, both on and off site, as well as HR start-up packages. We can assist with compliance reviews, employee relations, and employee terminations. In addition, we provide in-house labor and employment counsel consultations.

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We find temporary and permanent replacements and manage sourcing and interviewing processes. We provide background, reference, and credit checks and offer employee incentive initiatives and drug testing services.

Loss Prevention

We assist with customer service and shoplifting prevention as well as undercover operations and internal investigations. We provide methods of preventing internal theft and mystery shopping, and our awareness programs manage risk and loss potential.

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Human Resources Service

ELEVA Solutions, Inc. is a South Florida-based company that was formed by highly motivated and skilled entrepreneurs who saw the value in providing essential Human Resources outsourcing services to small and midsize companies. We aim to assist organizations in making decisive improvements pertaining to their direction and performance by sparking breakthrough business ideas in the areas of Human Resources Administration, Recruiting/Staffing, and Internal Investigations/Loss Prevention. We consistently deliver results earning client's trust, which is the foundation of lasting business relationships. We work collaboratively with clients to convert insight into strategy that will have a substantial, positive impact on performance and ELEVAte their success.

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