ELEVAte Your Success

ELEVA Solutions, Inc. is a South Florida-based, full service Human Resources administration and consulting firm that was formed by motivated and skilled entrepreneurs who saw the value in providing essential Human Resources outsourcing services to small and midsize companies. The name ”ELEVA” was created using the word “elevate” because it means to, “exalt, heighten, or enhance” and through our services of Human Resources Management and Administration, Recruiting and Loss Prevention we increase an organizations overall performance and growth.

We dedicate ourselves to providing expert HR advice, guidance and support to help businesses achieve higher levels of success and profitability by maximizing their HR performance and their most important assets – their employees.

Organizations of all sizes need to attract and retain quality employees while complying with countless federal and state labor regulations. With the increase in employment-related litigation, companies can’t afford to ignore the importance of properly managed HR issues.

We consistently deliver results earning client’s trust, which is the foundation of lasting business relationships. We work collaboratively with clients to convert insight into strategy that will have a substantial, positive impact on performance and ELEVAte their success.

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Human Resources

Eleva Solutions works with your company and your employees to create Human Resources best practices and programs that meet the unique demands of your organization. We offer full service HR Administration and Consulting services on an outsourced basis where your company retains all control of hiring, terminations, wages, employee discipline, etc., using the access to human resources professionals dedicated to helping reduce the employment related issues that may be piling up. It’s like having an entire HR department at your disposal for a fraction of the cost involved in hiring such an expert team.

Flat Fee Recruiting

We provide permanent placement recruiting for most positions to save you time and money!

Why pay 20 – 30% of your new employee’s salary as a fee for hiring?

Why spend money on job postings that produce an abundance of responses from unqualified applicants?

Our Recruiting services are cost-effective and a great alternative to using traditional employee search firms. We treat your recruiting needs like everything else we do, as if we were your own, in-house HR department. Working with companies across a wide range of industries, we have successfully filled positions that range from entry level to senior executives.

Elevate your success
loss prevention

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention concerns often arise from an unexpected issue that requires a reactive approach. High shrink, increased food costs, sudden decrease in a department margin, a theft incident or a substantial loss, demonstrates the absence of adequate proactive loss prevention measures.

Eleva Solutions helps companies build comprehensive and proactive loss prevention programs that deliver results. Our clients benefit from using our Loss prevention services by having access to:

  • Proven loss prevention strategies and results
  • Expert consultants for successful program execution
  • Development and implementation of cost effective programs

We provide audits, training, incident resolution, internal investigations, analysis and consultation services to our clients. Our experts’ diverse experience in retail, restaurant, hospitality and distribution allows us to apply our broad knowledge and understanding to ensure our clients’ loss reduction success.

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