About Us

ELEVA Solutions, Inc. is a South Florida based company that was formed by highly motivated and skilled entrepreneurs who saw the value in providing essential Human Resources outsourcing services to small and midsize companies. We dedicate ourselves to providing expert advice, guidance and support to help our clients achieve higher levels of success and profitability by maximizing their HR performance and their most important assets – their employees.

We see the essence of our work as a virtuous circle of insight, impact and most importantly, trust— which is the foundation of lasting business relationships. We strive to generate deep insight into what drives value and competitive advantage in our client’s businesses as well as the economy as a whole.

We work collaboratively with clients to convert insight into strategy that will have a substantial, positive impact on performance and ELEVAte them to the next level!

What Can Eleva Solutions do for your business?

  • We help you build a quality workforce….
  • We guide you through the maze of employment regulations applicable to your business….
  • We reduce your exposure to potential litigious situations….
  • We help you manage your employees more effectively, creating positive work environments.

Our Core Values:

Our mission is fueled by our core values. We are guided by: integrity, professionalism, drive, passion, creativity, responsibility, accountability, authenticity, fun, and a positive spirit.

Corporate Culture:

  • We have passion for our mission;
  • We are respectful and authentic to our employees and clients;
  • We allow our employees the ability to create and execute the best solutions for our clients and our company;
  • We provide customized solutions to our clients with clear objectives and processes; and
  • We encourage a positive work environment with the freedom to communicate openly.