Outsourcing your HR: Can we help?

Many new or potential customers approach us with a repeated question: how could the outsourcing of HR management services benefit my business? Efficiency, expertise and business growth summarize those benefits, but it’s necessary to visualize them in the most practical way. Let’s provide some examples and potential scenarios where HR outsourcing proves to be the most suitable and valuable solution.

All small and medium sized businesses in their growth process need to recruit employees, train them, measure their performance and provide salaries and benefits in compliance with state and federal labor regulations. These duties are typically executed by an HR professional or department with the support of other professionals, such as managers and legal counsel. However, many companies, particularly those growing from the bottom up, don’t have the internal resources, structure and set of skills to cover all these areas. Here’s where outsourcing comes in. An HR business partner is the most cost-effective solution to address these needs without having to invest in an internal structure. The service can be tailored to the particular needs of the business and all solutions are customized and modified as the business evolves.

While many traditional HR structures sometimes fail, or develop a certain “comfort zone”, HR outsourcing partners are forced -by their nature- to stay at the top of the industry, identifying trends and solutions that could benefit their clients. Today’s economy depends on business owners to be focused and dedicated to their core business activities. Therefore, finding a business partner that can manage the HR aspects of a company, can prove to be efficient and make a business more productive.

There are other scenarios where an HR partner can collaborate, even with an existing internal HR structure. One example is the compliance auditing process. Hiring an external independent party can provide better guarantees of impartiality and more reliable conclusions. HR outsourcing can also be used to develop loss prevention programs and measure their results, as well as for the performance of external evaluations of the company’s workforce. The possibilities are countless. At Eleva Solutions, we encourage small and medium sized businesses owners to take a moment and question what aspects of their operations could be improved by this type of service. We are here to help and elevate your business!