HR Audits

What is a Human Resource Audit?

Our HR audit is an objective assessment of your organization’s current HR policies and workplace practices. With the assessment results, you can then create a roadmap with simple and effective guidance to engage your workforce, while at the same time addressing the complex, ever-changing landscape of federal, state and local laws and regulations related to employee people. Business owners and other decision-makers gain a clear picture of:

  • Areas in which they excel in engaging the workforce;
  • Areas for improving employee engagement; and
  • Areas that present a risk with regards to human resource compliance.

What are the Benefits of an HR Audit?

  • Identifies opportunities to align HR initiatives with business strategies
  • Identifies HR metrics that are meaningful indicators to employee engagement
  • Identifies compliance concerns for current and pending laws and regulations
  • Enhances effective utilization of the human resource function
  • Establishes a baseline to ensure continuous improvement and growth
  • Performs due diligence for shareholders, owners and potential investors

When selecting an HR Audit, a review of the following is included:

  • On-Site Audit
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Labor Posters
  • Wage and Hour Regulations
  • Hiring and Firing Practices
  • Independent Contractors vs. Employees
  • Personnel Records/Files (does not include review of all personnel files)
  • I-9 Compliance
  • Absences and Leave Administration
  • Employee Performance
  • Training Practices
  • Health & Leave Benefits
  • Workplace Safety
  • Employee Handbook (does not include drafting or re-drafting of Handbook)

Observations and Recommendations

After analyzing our findings we will provide a summary report that outlines our observations and provides recommendations to improve productivity and morale, reduce inefficiency, manage human resource costs, and help decrease the chances of litigation. All of these human resource initiatives are essential to running a profitable operation and remaining competitive in today’s challenging work environment.