Tired of paying a percentage for recruiting? For a flat fee, Eleva Solutions provides clients with a complete, outsourced recruiting solution that greatly increases hiring performance and ultimately, your bottom line in hiring the right candidate for the job! We are Human Resources professionals who understand the importance of hiring “star players” who will positively impact your business.
Some things to consider are:

  • What are the job content, requirements, skills, duties and essential job functions of the position?
  • Are you confident the candidates you are interviewing are qualified?
  • How much time are you spending interviewing unqualified candidates?
  • Are you using cost-effective recruiting strategies? Do you have a staffing plan in place that meets your staffing objectives? Are you paying more than 10% in recruiting fees?
  • Are you spending time doing your own recruiting to avoid paying high recruiting fees?
  • Do you and your hiring mangers know how to legally interview?

Our services offer you with the support you need in the entire recruitment process to:

  • Develop hiring profile;
  • Assist with drafting customized job descriptions;
  • Provide a customized pay data report (additional fees apply);
  • Identify target recruiting sources;
  • Draft and place ads;
  • Collect and screen resumes;
  • Conduct interviews;
  • Check references;
  • Coordinate background checks, personality and/or skills testing, drug testing;
  • Advise on final candidate selection; and
  • Draft offer letters

Our staff is highly trained to advise you through every stage of the hiring process to include competitive salary market data, job descriptions to sales and motivational training!