“It makes good business sense for our company to rely on a team of HR professionals, like the ones at ELEVA Solutions, Inc., to handle our company’s payroll, employee benefits administration, and other HR responsibilities. Because it is saving time, energy and company revenues, there is a direct benefit to our bottom line. The ELEVA Solutions team has become a very valued partner to our business in so many ways.” – Jose, President at Ronac Enterprises

Thanks to ELEVA Solutions, Inc. executives in our organization have found real answers to their questions about HR salaries, compliance, diversity issues, and a variety of processes and procedures. In addition, the team has provided us with coaching and advice for our toughest internal staffing issues. The ELEVA Solutions, Inc. staff have demonstrated their commitment to “being there” for us whenever we need them. They approach their work with great enthusiasm and professionalism.” – Alex, Owner at Stonehenge Construction

“Eleva Solutions has provided our company with top notch human resources administration consulting and policy management to ensure we meet state and federal guidelines, reduce employee litigation, and create a great work environment and culture that makes it easy to retain our most productive and valuable employees.” – Carlos Gazitua, Vice President, Sergio’s Family Restaurant

“We were unhappy with the customer service that we were getting and decided to change vendors. Best decision we ever made! We know that ELEVA Solutions will make us feel like their #1 client and goes above and beyond our expectations of service. Using ELEVA Solutions assures us that our needs are met 100% of the time.” – Merlo, Senior Producer at Speigel Brands, Inc.

I used ELEVA Solutions, Inc. to assist in our HR needs and was very pleased with their performance particularly by their recruitment referrals that successfully met the company needs through excellent pre-screening of candidates ensuring best fit to our profile. I especially liked their friendly, down-to-earth approach from a company interaction point of view which resulted in an expansion in our demand for their services. These additional services included employee communications and relations, employee handbook, payroll administration, on-site administration as well as on-call support. In our challenging and competitive business environment, I would recommend ELEVA Solutions, Inc. for your outsourced HR and Supporting Service needs as they can be trusted to deliver excellent results and maintain client satisfaction. – Terry, Chief Financial Officer, Dellacasa, LLC.

Karla at ELEVA Solutions, Inc. was referred to me at a critical point in our business. We needed a trustworthy and qualified individual to take charge of our 200 employee payroll and handle all of our HR needs. Karla took control of the situation, processed the payroll, handled our employees concerns and in addition, brought up many ideas to improve our processes. Karla also provided added value services such as employee file reviews, I-9 audits and vacation audits. In addition, she developed Job Descriptions for existing and for new positions, developed Job Requisition Forms, provided critical HR training and developed employee evaluation forms. What was supposed to be a three month assignment has been extended because we have seen the value in implementing many of her suggestions and because of her outstanding support. Hiring ELEVA was like having a full blown Human Resources department at a reasonable price. – Maria, Director of Finance and Administration, Atlas Paper Mills

What ELEVA Solutions has become to me is described best in one word – INDISPENSABLE! Karla has been helping my business with HR solutions since we began in October 2008 when it was just my business partner and I. Now we have grown to 7 and a big part of that growth has been attributed to Karla! Her and her team got to know us at a very personal level and knew exactly what we were looking for. We were able to hire a Full Time Administrative Manager who has very heavy HR experience, but we still turn to Karla for guidance and I see ourselves continuously relying on her for many years to come! – Elizabeth, President, DM Accounting Services, Inc.