What IS Human Resources?

This is a question many business owners ask us.

-“So, you hire and fire people, right?

-“Oh, you’re the one that does our paychecks, that’s right!”

While these statements are both true, human resources is actually more than just an administrative function within an organization. In essence, Human Resources Managers are responsible for translating an organization’s mission, vision, and values into a corporate culture and managing its human capital to achieve business and organizational goals. This is done through several key functions:

• Recruitment, orientation, and on-boarding
• Organizational Design/Development
• Change Management
• Performance Management & Employee Relations
• Workforce analysis & Data Management
• Compensation, Time, & Benefits management
• Training & Development
• Cost planning

Each one of these key functions ties in to the operations of a company and when effectively integrated, can provide significant economic benefits, by reducing costs and increasing the return on investment of their human capital. They are strategically implemented through a system of policies and procedures that are in line with a company’s overall business strategy. Human resources management is therefore clearly an integral part of the operation, growth, and success of any business-small or large.